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    About Brand


    "Mova Jewelry" is the Georgian jewelry brand made of natural, semi-precious stones. It has become the best gift idea since 2017.

    The amazing colors of Mova stones are created by nature and the crystals add splendor to the modern design. In its minimalist works, the natural, unprocessed state of the stones is preserved. Because minerals of exactly the same shape and color are not repeated in the nature, each model of Mova is unique by its visual.  The jewelry presented in the collection fits both casual and formal styles.

    Those who believe in astrology, healing and magical properties of mineral stones, will surely be fascinated by Mova jewelry.

    "Mova Jewelry" has no direct competitor in the Georgian market.

    Products can be purchased in the shopping center "Galleria Tbilisi" - N2 / 4 Shota Rustaveli Avenue.